The Year That Was

2016 looks to be a big one for all of us here at Banzai. We've already started the long, arduous task of moving our entire company to a new facility, expanding our lab space and so much more. But before we get into what's next, let's first look back at what happened at Banzai Vapors in 2015.

In January, we saw our Seattle Seahawks inspired seasonal flavor "Legion of Ploom" prepare itself for hibernation as the football season came to a close. The pomegranate citrus punch certainly could've helped my beloved Hawks punch themselves across the goal line to win their second Super Bowl, or maybe Seattle just needed to go Beast Mode one more time. Not that I'm still bitter and upset, no. Nope. Anyways, moving on to February...

One of the owners of Banzai, flavor creator and soon to be YouTube star Brandon Beauchesne decided that we needed a new flavor to help keep us warm during the winter. He reached into his bag of tricks and pulled out a pirate skull filled with apples, covered in sugars and spices and launched "Never Say Pie". New flavors are always fun to help develop and test, but with "Pie" we devised an insanely difficult online only treasure hunt. You can check out the intro video to the contest below. And yes, I always dress like that and yes, that beard is really real. 

As spring approached we began work on launching our very own YouTube series entitled "Banzai Rewind". With Brandon as the host and Edrease Peshtaz as the love-able and sometimes angry sidekick, Rewind helps keep our outstandingly awesome customers up to date on what's going down at Banzai. Plus, it gives us the chance to do things like answer important questions. My favorite was, "Who would win in a fight, an alligator or a bear?" We also got to see our Fulfillment Manager, Adam "Adi" Firestone give us his take on his all time favorite Banzai flavor. Or is this his favorite flavor? We never knew.

Heading into the summer, we launched yet another flavor! This one was a bit of a throwback, all the way to that magical time of heading to the video store with your family, picking out candy and trying to convince your parents to let you rent a video game! Entitled "Vintage Hyper Sweet" or simply VHS, this slightly sour licorice concoction even came out with it's own collectors set. And although we had loads of fun creating VHS, filming at a real life video store and just generally enjoying the wonderful weather, we had to bid goodbye to Edrease. Our beloved Dreezy moved on to bigger and better things as he left Banzai to pursue a career in software design.

We also made some changes internally at Banzai, with Madison Wilson and Dominique Etter moving from the sales department to now working with Brandon and our marketing team. Madi took charge of our social media presence, with Dom moving into graphic design. If you happen to interact with us on Instagram or Twitter, that's Madi! Or if you're diggin' the Advent calendar we've been running on Facebook this holiday season, that's Dom's handiwork! We also brought in Credence Bishop to manage our sales staff. If you're in need of help whilst shopping at Banzai, you can submit your question and Credo (since we love nicknames) will be more than happy to assist!

Our website even got down on some changes and we added a new hardware section to our site! Now you can pickup batteries, tanks, coils and more directly from us! Speaking of getting down, we had an epic Black Friday weekend sales event and the amount of traffic we received was insane! Thanks to all of you guys and gals out there for making the event so great! We were blown away by how many people logged on and we will definitely be better prepared for next year's Black Friday!

As the leaves began to fall, we launched a new line, called "Active". This new collection was designed to help fund vape advocacy groups fight for our right to vape! My favorite is still the lemon pound cake flavor, "Pound It".

Partnering up with the American Vaping AssociationPink Lung Brigade and Not Blowing Smoke, we donate a portion of the sales from each bottle sold to these great organizations. If you're wondering how you can help keep our industry alive and growing, reach out to either (or all three) group or just head into your local shop and ask them to pick up the Active collection. You can always find all three of the Active flavors on our website as well!

In December we had an amazing time helping out those in need with two toy drives. You can read more about it here. We also had our company holiday party where we went Go-Kart racing and had dinner at a local Japanese steak house.

This finally brings us to the end of 2015 and the exciting move! Who loves moving? Not anyone I know, but we've totally outgrown our current digs thanks to the tremendous love and support from all of you! We'll be posting pictures and videos as we begin the move in process, so make sure you follow us on Insta, Twitter, YouTube, etc! And sure, it's cliché, it's cheesy, but we really would not have been able to do all the amazing things we've accomplished this year without you! A huge thanks to everyone who helped make this year at Banzai the best we've ever had and here's to doing even more in 2016.

-Nick Chappell 


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