Banzai Reward Program Update

Due to the FDA regulations that are starting on Monday, August 8th we're forced to change how the reward program works. The good news is that any points you've banked, you'll be able to use at anytime. However, starting Monday, all future purchases will not accumulate points towards your account. 

We are looking into alternative options to reward you, our fantastic customers. Hold tight while we're working on our new program and thanks for your patience!

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Mistie Head - August 7, 2016

You guys know me as Mistie Troy online
I have almost 2400 points & I know how the FDA is taking all of our rights away & now they are even messing with rewards,,I hate the fda. I wish I werent so close to the 2500,,rant over
Love u guys Marc,,Madi,,John..Branden & crew…PLB & Milk+ for lyfe

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