Introducing Seasons: The Last 12 Flavors Being Released From Banzai Vapors

Banzai Vapors Releasing 12 Final Flavors Starting September 22nd


   Starting on September 22nd 2016, Banzai fans across the country will be able to get their hands on the first collection of flavors from Banzai Vapors' new product line. Seasons by Banzai Vapors is an array of 12 unique flavors to satisfy every vapers palate no matter what time of year it is. 

     For the past 18 months Banzai Vapors head mixologist Christopher Wagner has been pouring over each recipe, making sure that every flavor represents a part of each season respectively. "We knew we had to get it right, on every single extract. With FDA regs going into effect,  we wanted to make sure we ended with a bang!" said Christopher. 

     The look of Seasons is quite different from any previous Banzai products as well. Each bottle will show a portion of art from the time of year it represents. When all the bottles combine they will marry into a beautiful, landscape panoramic image.  Co-Owner and graphic designer Brandon Beauchesne said "The art for this was an absolutely insane challenge. We thought about hiring an artist, but since this was potentially the last product launch we would do as Banzai we decided to keep it internal and everyone got involved to direct how the labels would look. There's a piece of all of us on those labels."

     Down below you will find images and flavor descriptions of all 12 flavors being
released. Be sure to ask your favorite retailer to order Seasons at or you can order online starting September 22nd at




Fall Flavors

Kick Out The Yams!- Sweet Yams with Marshmallow and Brown Sugar
This one of a kind yam flavor will take you back to Thanksgiving at grandmas house! Sweet and savory yams blended with brown sugar make this flavor a no-brainer for when the leftovers run out!

Golden Leaf- Applewood Tobacco
Summer’s over, gone are the days of grilling in the sun. The temperature is declining so why not warm up by the fire the way your grand pappy did with his tobacco pipe. Golden Leaf is a complex tobacco blend with an aroma so familiar it will take you back to simpler times. Notes of Apple and spice are strong with this flavor all the way down to the last drop.

Hoot Nut- Banana Nut
Nothing compares to curling up under your favorite blanket with a good book and eating a fresh baked slice of banana bread. Moist and sweet on the inhale with nutty back-notes on the exhale. When the leaves have all fallen and it’s just too cold outside this flavor will leave you all warm and fuzzy on the inside!

Winter Flavors

Snow Bird- Mango Gingerbread
When the cold sets in and you’re ready to warm your bones go for Snow Bird. Another merry melody from the mixologist here at Banzai Vapors. This unique blend consists of fresh mango flavor baked into a spicy gingerbread cookie! Enjoy the best of both climates with the merging of summer and winter into one tasty treat!

Summit Kiss- Red Velvet with Peppermint
Summit Kiss is a taste of what it’s like to stand at the top of Mt. Rainier. Soft notes of red velvet cake spiraled into an icey peppermint glacier cold enough to make your lips shiver. If you're looking for adventure let Summit Kiss be your guide.

Hibernate- Anise, Absinthe
Hibernate is an intoxicating* absinthe flavored e-liquid. No need to add water or sugar cubes to enjoy this authentic, rich anise flavor. Hibernate will give you the relaxation you need for a long winter nap. (*this flavor will not actually intoxicate you)

Spring Flavors

Bloomberry- Fresh Berry Fruit Blend
The hills are alive, with the flavor of berries! Blueberries, strawberries, red berries, black berries, snoz berries, they’re all here! We carefully hand selected a handfull of the sweetest tasting berry extracts to be included in this berry extravaganza! Spring is in bloom now so are you!

First Crush- Creamy Fruity Menthol
Tis’ the season to fall in love with this sweet and sexy flavor. Exotic fruits like mango and pomegranite dipped in cold vanilla cream will keep you coming back for more. Too bad this spring fling will only be available for three months out of the year. It’ll leave you sprung!

Raz & Shine- Sweet Raspberry Cheesecake
The weathers warming up and after dinner you need a cool treat to satisfy your sweet tooth. Raz & Shine will do just that with it’s tart raspberry flavor wrapped up in rich and creamy cheesecake flavor. Plenty of sweetness without the fear of not being able to fit in your bathing suit this summer!

Summer Flavors

Pink Paradise-Pink Lemonade
Hammock, check. Good tunes, check. Delicious thirst quenching e-liquid check. This is Pink Paradise. Leave your worries behind as the perfect balance of sweet and sour wisp you away to a paradise of bliss and peacefulness. When life hands you lemons pack your bags and come to Pink Paradise!

Aggromelon- Sweet Melon Blend
Melon with Attitude. Aggromelon is the epitome of summer time fruit flavor. We blended all types of ripe melons big and small to create a tsunami wave of flavor guaranteed to wipe out your current all day vape.

River Float- Root beer Float
Floating down a lazy river with nothing but an inner tube and a tank full of this creamy root beer blend is the perfect way to spend a summer afternoon. Refreshing sarsaparilla mixed with light vanilla bean ice cream is also perfect for those nights spent on the beach watching the sunset with some friends.


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Sounds like I have some new menthol to try. sweet

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