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Tired of running out of your favorite Banzai E-Liquid? Are you someone who is always on the go? You're in luck! We have added a new feature on our site so you can subscribe to your favorite flavors and have them shipped out on your schedule. Need a bottle of Milk Plus delivered every two weeks? Just click the Subscribe button, select two weeks and that's it! We'll automatically ship out your order on your schedule. Plus, we're offering a limited time discount for signing up for this new feature!


  • Rich R.

    I’ve ordered about 10 different bottles. And love them all ! Banzai has by far the best e Liquid on the market. If that isn’t enough, the customer service is great also. The 2 best flavors are “Pound it” & "Pinky Swear " A must try !!! You won’t regret it

  • Nick @ Banzai Vapors

    Thank you for the kind words Mark! We appreciate it!

  • Mark Browning

    I had a problem, just today, and contacted Banzai. I spoke with John and explained my situation. I was gearing up for a lot of hassle, but encountered just the opposite. He corrected the issue and more importantly, actually made it seamless. Before that phone call I just liked the juice, now I like the company. Thanks John, you’re the bomb!!!! Mark Browning

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