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If you're not familiar with Tia Vapes, she is a YouTube personality who helps people quit smoking and reviews e-liquids and devices. Tia has been a huge fan of our lemon pound cake flavor, Pound It since 2015 and we've been a huge fan of her videos and even had her visit the Banzai Vapors offices last year.

Over a year ago, Tia approached us about helping her create her own line of E-Liquids, but due to the pending FDA regulations we had to put that idea on hold. Now that the FDA regulations have been pushed back until 2022, we feel the time is right to begin crafting Tia Vapes' first flavor in her e-liquid line. 

During our initial meeting, Tia felt really strongly that her fans needed to be involved in the process. We couldn't have agreed more! Crowdsourcing to create an e-liquid line sounded too good to pass up on. To fulfill the wishes of the #VapeQueen we're asking Tia's fans to help us create the look and taste of the first flavor in her line! If you're a huge fan of Tia's head over here, to help vote on flavor profiles, design elements and so much more!
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Dayna Renée - October 9, 2017

Definitely loving my lemonade e-liquids. ????

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