Pound It Giveaway by Banzai Vapors


  • Yvonne

    Woo Hoo!!! I’m so ecstatic I won. I LOVE Pound It, Tia and Banzai! Been a customer for a long time and will continue to. Thank you guys so much for my winnings, for being so amazing and for making such amazing e-liquid!

  • Micha W

    Finally i won something ..
    Thx Banzai Vapors for the giveaway

  • Diane

    Just bought from you for the first time. Been following TiaVapes on youtube forever. Ive got a few things(vape mods) after she reviewed them and loved them, so I bought your milk Plus..love caramel. It is just as good as everyone says! I will back for a 2nd bottle, this time 60ml

  • Triana Brekke-Zickler

    Ive heard about ur e liquids through TiaVapes and since shes been so hooked on it ive been wanting to gets some!!! Igo through alot of eliquid im a hevey vapor. My birthday is is in almost a week so itll be so cool to win some eliquids. Lol *fingers crossed ?

  • Carmen Muscari

    I order pound it all the time. I love it! Good stuff

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