Not Blowing Smoke with Active Collection

Which organization has orchestrated the most successful national vape awareness campaign to date? That’s right! Banzai Vapors is proud to announce the first partner to be represented in the Active Collection and the nations most effective vape awareness group, Not Blowing Smoke.

Not Blowing Smoke started when the California Heath Department’s anti-vape campaign leaked. Advocates in the community banded together quickly to combat the misinformation and the website was born. With help from social media and video experts the message went viral and Not Blowing Smoke was sprung to the forefront of the vape awareness movement.

We will be announcing the flavor profile and providing more information on how you can support Not Blowing Smoke through the Active Collection on September 18th. Please stay tuned to, Facebook@BanzaiVapors, and Instagram @BanzaiVapors. If you would like to find out more about Not Blowing Smoke, please visit, follow them on Facebook@NotBlowingSmoke, or Instagram@NotBlowingSmoke.