American Vaping Association with Active Collection

FDA regulations, state bans, and anti-vape legislation. All of these have come under scrupulous cross-examination by one advocate, Gregory Conley. Those who own a vape shop or frequent a brick and mortar owe a huge thank you to the final partner to be represented in the Active Collection, the American Vaping Association.

The American Vaping Association (AVA) was created as a response to the legislative resistance of vape industry progression. They aim to educate public and government officials about the financial and public health benefits offered by vapor products while advocating for small to medium businesses. This organization has mastered the art of quick response and works with many micro advocacy groups across the nation.

We will be announcing the flavor profile and providing more information on how you can support the American Vaping Association through the Active Collection on September 16th. Please stay tuned to, Facebook @BanzaiVapors, and Instagram @BanzaiVapors. If you would like to find out more about American Vaping Association, please visit or follow them on Facebook@VapingAssociation.